Thanks for your help and advice, its been 8 weeks since I gave up smoking and starting to feel so much healthier plus saving so much money. Best service!!!
Its so nice to talk and get advice from mature Adults for once and not some prepubescent kid probably living with his parents who only cares about blowing the biggest cloud of vapour. A+ Southern Cross Vapers
I'm very new to this so if i sound stupid its only from a lack of resources on the web. These guys explained to me more about eliquids and use than any other company. The advice they gave me on changing coils with new eliquid flavours eliminated issues i had with burning and bad tastes. No one has helped me before and i thank the team. Keep up the good work.
Great service, fast shipping, best prices. Will order again soon!
Matt and the team were very helpful with my requirements. They discussed my needs and answered all my questions with honest advice. Their rewards program and discounts is the best on the web. Great work thanks again guys for all your help.
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