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Dessert Flavours

Southern Cross Vapers Eliquids are Australian made using locally sourced product, we do not buy Eliquid, PG or VG from China, USA, UK or any other countries and resell them. Our PG and VG is pharmaceutical grade from one of Australia's largest pharmaceutical companies who follows strict Australian standards.

Southern Cross Vapers premium and exclusive range of flavours is one of Australia's largest selections available. Our Eliquids are made to a customer prefered ratio of 60%PG / 40%VG with unique flavour, We also provide doublers and Max VG.

Southern Cross Vapers are also very pleased to provide built in quantity discounts on your Eliquids in our shopping cart, the following discounts apply to Eliquids in your order at the checkout.

3+ flavours = 5% off
5+ flavours = 15% off
10+ flavours = 25% off

Discounts apply to the Eliquids only. 

All you need to do is select 10ml,30ml,120ml or 250ml flavours or combinations of 10ml,30ml,120ml or 250ml flavours together, its all about the quantity of Eliquids not the size bottles to receive your discount.

Australian Law

Southern Cross Vapers do not sell, supply, gift or dropship Nicotine Eliquids or Nicotine Solution, it is illegal.

Any questions on Eliquids please feel free to contact one of our staff.