E-Liquid Mixing Guide DIY

Southern Cross Vapers E-Liquid Mixing Guide DIY

Southern Cross Vapers provide true doublers for those people that just want to use the standard Eliquid flavours and add their own Nicotine solution or even reduce the cost of their eliquids. Our 30ml,120ml and 250ml doublers are true double flavour and designed to be split in half to make 2 x 30ml, 2 x 120ml or 2 x 250ml Eliquids.
How does it work? Based on a 30ml doubler, take 15ml from the doubler bottle and add to a second empty 30ml bottle. Add your nicotine solution to required strength and top up the remaining 15ml with your PG/VG ratio. If using No Nicotine just top add 15ml of your PG/VG ratio. We sell our doublers in 3 x different ratios and also do 3 x pre-mixed base ratios to match all available at our E-Liquid DIY section, We also do Max VG doublers for those people that want less PG, Max VG doublers contain at least 60%VG.
Please Note: Doublers are not ready to vape eliquids. They need to be made up into eliquids by adding PG/VG and/or a Nicotine Mix. Doublers are basically a full double flavour eliquid base for making 2 eliquids. It is your responsibilty to make this up to the strength/taste you like. We always recommend making a doubler up in a smaller size first (10ml) to test it out that way you are not making it too strong or to weak. Everyone has different tastes.
If you have questions or need some help, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Why make your own Eliquid?

Save money - Eliquids retail around $5.00 (10ml) - $10.00 (30ml) you could be making your own from as little as $2.00 (10ml) - $5.00 (30ml).
Flavour - Take control of the flavour strength with the ability to increase or decrease your flavour.
Create - Mix the ratio you prefer and combine multiple flavours to invent new tastes.
Nicotine - Add your Nicotine mix to your own Eliquids in the ratio you prefer.


How do I start? (write down notes and a list as you go)

Pick your base liquids - Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG)

Below is a guide to the difference between Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
Propylene Glycol (PG) VS Vegetable Glycerine (VG)
Medium Popularity Medium-High
Medium Viscosity High
High Device Friendly Medium
Low Allergy Risk None Reported
High Flavour Intensity Medium
High Throat Hit Medium
Medium Vapour Density High
Fast Wick Absorption Time Slow

Pick your flavours - We have a large selection of flavours available from Southern Cross Vapers, The Flavor Apprentice and Flavor West. Every flavour concentrate listed has a recommended starting point as a stand alone flavour percentage range. Starting percentages are what we think, but they may not be to your liking. Its always recommended to start below or at the lower end of the percentage range and increase to your taste. Please note that increasing the flavour concentrate percentage will not always increase the flavour.

Choose a calculator - We recommend the free eJuice me up calculator for window users link: eJuice me up
If you are using a Mac we recommend this online calculator link: dot1ml
We will provide you a basic run down on the eJuice me up calculator below
Starting at the top left hand side
Nicotine Strength e-Juice
No Nicotine - Add 0mg
Nicotine - When purchasing Nicotine solution from overseas you are allowed to get 3 months supply, they come in many different strengths and base mixtures, the most common are 36mg, 48mg, 60mg, 100mg and 250mg with the choice of PG or VG base. If you need to purchase Nicotine we recommend the following trusted company link: E-LIQ Nicotine
*Remember 3 months worth of Nicotine Solution is usually a 4oz or 8oz bottle, larger sizes than that can be confiscated by Australian Customs*
For this run down on calculator we will use 100mg PG Nicotine solution, enter 100% PG and 100mg.
Target Nicotine Strength
Nicotine in Eliquids is not like cigarettes, as a guide the following is what we use.
Eliquid 6mg 12mg 18mg 24mg
Cigarette 4mg 8mg 12mg 18mg
For this run down on calculator we will use 18mg strength Eliquid, enter 18mg.
Amount to Make
Enter the amount you wish to make, most common is 10ml and 30ml its to fit the size bottles you have.
For this run down on calculator we will use 10ml, enter 10ml.
This is where you add a percentage of water (distilled), vodka or PGA (pure grain alcohol), this section is for people that wish to have a higher content of VG in their mix usually 50-60% VG and higher - see below in Target Ratios for more information.
This is where you add your flavours, enter flavour and add the base VG/PG percentage (all our flavour concentrates are PG base) and then add your percentage of flavour strength, as a guide we provide a recommended single flavour starting percentage range on all our flavour concentrates, its a guide only and our recommendations may not not be to your liking. Its always recommended to start below or at the lower end of the percentage range and increase to your taste. When mixing multiple flavours together quite often a single flavour could be too overpowering at a single flavour starting percentage so adjustment may need to be done in your mix.
For this run down on calculator we will use what is shown Capella Lemon Lime its a PG base so add 100% PG and as a stand alone flavour is 25%, so enter 25%.
With this calculator you can create different flavours, say you feel like inventing a unique flavour for yourself lets say for example a Apple Lemon Lime Coconut you could start with Apple 10%, Lemon Lime 4% and Coconut 2%
and try it out. If you feel that you need more Apple increase to 12%, less Lemon Lime decrease to 2%, if the coconut is not right with that flavour take it out. There is endless combinations you can create. Perfect flavour combinations take time and sometimes quite a few adjustments.
Target Ratios
This section is where you decide the base ratio of your Eliquid.
Common ratios used are 50%PG/50%VG, 60%PG/40%VG and 70%PG/30%VG with some Chinese Eliquids going as high as 90%PG/10%VG usually to compensate for lack of flavour. You dont need high PG for flavour with our concentrates. Southern Cross Vapers use customer prefered 60%PG/40%VG ratio with gives good vapour and holds the flavour well. If you wish for a higher VG ratio we would recommend thinning the VG with Water/Vodka/PGA usually at a rate of 5%, that can be adjusted by you to the desired mix, if thinning VG add percentage of Water/Vodka/PGA to the Water/Vodka/PGA section.
For this run down on calculator we will just stick to a 50%PG/50%VG ratio, enter 50%PG and 50%VG for target ratio. For more information about PG and VG see chart at the top of page.
Comments and Notes
This is where you add details for your records nothing more than that, nothing in this section will change or do anything to your mix.
Now move to the right hand side of calculator and click calculate then go to file, save as and name your Eliquid.
The calculator will now show the required amounts to add to your bottle, column 1(ml), 2(drops) and 3(percentage). 
Once you have mixed your Eliquid give it a good shake for 2 or more minutes, cap it and place in a cool dark place for storage.
There is many ways to steep an Eliquid, we usually just store our Eliquids in a cool dark place for 5-7 days and tobacco mixes 7-10 days, for steeping please do research on different methods and choose what you think would be best. Just like flavours and tastes no two people are the same. Google is a great source for information on steeping.
Check List (what you need)
Propylene Glycol (PG) 5ml & 10ml Syringe (measuring Concentrates, PG & VG)
Vegetable Glycerine (VG) 20ml Syringe (measuring VG & PG)
Flavour Concentrates Pink 18 Gauge Blunt Tip Needle (Concentrates only)
Empty Dropper Bottles 10ml & 30ml Green 14 Gauge Blunt Tip Needle (Concentrates, PG & VG)
Water/Vodka/PGA (Pure Grain Alcohol) Stainless 12 Gauge Blunt Tip Needle (Eliquids, PG & VG)
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact Southern Cross Vapers and one of our staff will get back to you as soon as possible.
Southern Cross Vapers Team