Sour Concentrate

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TFA Sour Flavour Concentrate

This flavour is used to add a bit of sour note to your mixes, commonly used with fruit mixes.

NOTES: This Flavour Concentrate is PG based - Must be mixed with PG and VG to make Eliquid.
For free mixing calculator see E-Liquid DIY category page for link to download.
Recommended starting percentages 1-3%
Steeping 5-7 days
This is a very dangerous flavour, in that if you use too much it can overpower your blend. Goes very well with fruit flavours, or some lollies to make it reminiscent of the warhead lolly.

Use in very low percentages for some extra zing.
Careful! Very strong! Can still taste it at 2-4 drops in a 10ml.. but if you get it right it's amazing stuff.
absolutely love this mixed into fruity flavours for that sour hit!
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