RY4 Double Tobacco Concentrate

RY4 Double Tobacco Concentrate

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TFA RY4 Double Tobacco Flavour Concentrate

This flavour is our RY4 double tobacco with caramel and hint of fruit tobacco taste. Go with the RY4 Asian style if you dont want the slight hint of fruit.

NOTES: This Flavour Concentrate is PG based - Must be mixed with PG and VG to make Eliquid.
For free mixing calculator see E-Liquid DIY category page for link to download.
Recommended starting percentages 8-16%
Steeping 7-10 days
Great flavour, not harsh or ashy like. Mixes like a dream with Jamaican Rum flavour. 7% Ry4 double 3 % JR. But let them steep though for 3 to 4 weeks for best result. Sweet tobacco flavour wont show up properly in the first 2 weeks, does from 4 though. Hard vape to put down after its ready.
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