18 Gauge Pink Blunt Tip Needle

Mixing Blunt Tip Needles

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Mixing Blunt Tip Needles

Southern Cross vapers provides 2 types of blunt tip needles for Luer slip syringes, these are very important part of the syringe for getting your measurements correct.
Due to the size of item and low cost its recommended to ship these items with other items to keep your postage costs down. Available in singles, 10 Pack and 20 Pack
18 Gauge Pink Blunt Tip: This is for concentrates, water, vodka and PGA (pure grain alcohol) and is usually paired up with the 5ml or 10ml syringe.
14 Gauge Green Blunt Tip: This is for your your PG and VG its a must have as due to the viscosity of the PG and VG and is usually paired up with 10ml,20ml and 60ml syringe.
12 Gauge Stainless Blunt Tip: This is full stainless and comes with an even larger diameter than the 14 Gauge. Perfect for fast dispensing of Eliquids, PG and VG.

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