10ml LDPE Dropper Bottle

Empty LDPE Dropper Bottles

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Empty LDPE Dropper Bottles

Southern Cross vapers provides 2 sizes in LDPE dropper bottles 10ml and 30ml, these 2 sizes come in singles, 10 Pack, 20 Pack and 50 Pack.

LDPE dropper bottles come with childproof cap and long thin tip and are soft and easy to squeeze, not hard like the PET bottles.

Due to the size of item and low cost its recommended to ship these items with other items to keep your postage costs down.

Great for mixing and having a few ready to go. They come with the bottle, lid and the dripper all detached - so you don't need to add the dripper unless necessary. Great idea on the latter point as i have a needle dripper i prefer to attach.
Again, great product, speedy delivery and order fulfillment, and excellent customer service.
great bottles, perfect for diy mixing, excellent quality
great for mixing concentrate
Good quality
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