Bavarian Cream Concentrate

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TFA Bavarian Cream Flavour Concentrate

This flavour is a warm creamy european vanilla taste. DX Version

NOTES: This Flavour Concentrate is PG based - Must be mixed with PG and VG to make Eliquid.
For free mixing calculator see E-Liquid DIY category page for link to download.
Recommended starting percentages 5-15%
Steeping 5-7 days
Can't believe no one has written a review yet!? My favourite cream and my 2nd favourite flavour on this site. Not quite your normal cream but with a sweeter taste. Made for mixing but damn it- so good I have a bottle steeped and ready to add to any flavour that needs adjusting! Perfect for when your filter is close to changing but not quite yet, adds another dimension to the inhale and especially the exhale. Almost like a toffee then, it's beyond words! Fresh, it's still great with fruits (I add to strawberry and divine with banana). As well as any other concoction you can imagine (strange but blueberry and coconut FA wasn't half bad). Bavarian Cream lets you go mad alchemist with its fantastic mixing qualities but also a great flavour all by itself.
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